Mericart s.n.c.
Via A. Biagi, 31
27022 Casorate Primo (PV)
P.Iva 02509830960 - C.F. 04246900155


In the last years Mericart developed its fleet of trucking improving the technology and the services to the customer. Actually Mericart has at its disposal containers, articulated lorries with trailers and tractor units, automatic presses and self-moving spiders.

All the recycling material is selected and divided according to the material composition specification: magazines, newspapers, plastic-coated magazines, rolls of papers, tissue paper, aluminium paper, for a more detailed recycling with the less waste.

Mericart has all the necessary and compulsory authorisations and certifications issued by the District of Milan and the Lombardia area both for the storage and for the mentioned materials carriage.

Mericart doesn't work only on the national territory but also in the rest of Europe and particularly in France, Switzerland and Germany. This proves the great reliability and professionalism which distinguishes us for the disposal and recycling in the papery sector.


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